Ms. Sara Kate May

Photo by Kaelyn P.

Ms. Sara Kate May teaches Physics and AP Physics, and the 2022-2023 school year marks her first year as a teacher here at ‘Iolani School. Ms. May attended Williams College in Massachusetts and graduated with a BA in Astrophysics. For graduate school, she attended City College in New York City and obtained a Masters in Physics. Ms. May has taught since 2000 and has experience teaching astronomy, middle school science and all levels of physics. Ms. May pursued a career in science because she “like[s] explanations of how the world works and working with other people to solve problems.” 

Born, raised and having previously taught in northern New England, assimilating to a new position generates many challenges. Ms. May specifically notes the differences that sets Hawaiʻi and New England apart, especially in terms of attempting to translate situations in physics. She says, “[In physics], you write a lot of problems with animals [and] I’ve struggled to think of examples because a lot of my animals, like [the] moose, are not local animals here in Hawaiʻi.” Despite these obstacles, Ms. May has had a positive experience so far at ‘Iolani. She adds, “The students have been really supportive. [‘Iolani] is clearly a great school and I feel very fortunate to be here.”