Ms. Lindsey Combs ’15

Photo by Taybr A.

Ms. Lindsey Combs ’15 teaches U.S .History and History of the Modern World. In addition to being a daughter of ‘Iolani, Ms. Combs was also a former editor-in-chief of the Imua club, as Imua was originally a club instead of a course. She actively participated on the ‘Iolani girls basketball team and the hurdle events for ‘Iolani’s track and field team. After graduating from ‘Iolani, Ms. Combs attended Yale University for her undergraduate degree and obtained her Masters in Education from Boston University. 

As a student, Ms. Combs’ most memorable moments comprised her senior year homecoming week. This year she is looking forward to the grade level Lip Sync performances as she personally was a part of the Lip Sync committee in her senior year. The opportunities and positive experiences that ‘Iolani enrollment provided allowed Ms. Combs to thrive not only as a student, but as a person. Ms. Combs is grateful and appreciative to have the opportunity to share her wisdom and to be part of ‘Iolani’s one team community.