Mr. Brandon Carlisle

Photo by Kip G.

Mr. Brandon Carlisle has joined our ‘Iolani team for his 8th year of teaching biology and marine biology. Before moving to Hawai’i in July 2021, he attended Brigham Young University as an undergraduate originally studying technology, but as time went on Mr. Carlisle longed to explore a fresh career opportunity. He rekindled his love for science from high school, and discovered that being an educator was a far more fulfilling and natural fit. He graduated from BYU in 2011 with a bachelor’s in Environmental Science and soon began teaching English to students in China for a year. From 2012 to 2015, Mr. Carlisle worked for a technology company before he attended Seattle University to get a Master’s degree in teaching. Outside of school, Mr. Carlisle enjoys an adventurous life: traveling, camping, climbing mountains, and mountain biking. Mr. Carlisle’s story of exploring what else life has to offer in both education and nature can inspire students to “leave [their] preconceived notions” of what it means to choose a path in life and instead find “the best fit” and enjoyment in the things we do.