Imua ʻIolani

2020-2021 Staff

Treyjan O.

Online Editor-in-Chief

I joined Imua because I could not play an instrument very well. This is my fourth year with the newspaper. Outside of Imua, I am an avid badminton player.

Jayson G.

Print Editor-in-Chief

Demoralized by a loss in the final round of a seventh grade robotics tournament, I decided to switch over to Newsroom in the eighth grade. I have not looked back since. Writing for the newspaper deepens my connection to the sc...

Daniel C.

Online Managing Editor

I decided to join Imua because I wanted to challenge myself to journalistic writing and hoped to serve as a voice for students. This is my third year at ‘Iolani and also my third year with Imua. I always try to be involved wit...

Sherie A.

Print Managing Editor

Hi, my name is Sherie and I am the print copy editor for IMUA. My mom actually decided that I should join IMUA, but I chose to stay of my own accord after my first year. I’ve been at ‘Iolani and IMUA for three years. While...

Jenny K.

Social Media Editor

I decided to join IMUA last year and this year because I was also in a school newspaper faculty at my old school so I guess newspaper has become a constant that I wanted to keep! I've been at 'Iolani since my junior year of high...

Devin P.

Online Copy Editor

This is my second year in Imua and fourth at ʻIolani. As the online copy editor for Imua, I hope to continue to improve my own journalistic writing, along with helping others find ways to better their own articles utilizing basic...

Skye B.

Print Copy Editor

I decided to join ‘Imua in 8th grade because it was the only available writing elective, and the semester long flexibility was something that I valued. I tried to spread out my interests, choosing robotics, a more science orient...

John S.

Staff Writer

I joined Imua because I enjoy taking photos and part of Imua is about capturing moments and telling a story. I've been at 'Iolani since kindergarten, and this is my first year with Imua. Some of my hobbies outside of Imua is creating...

Christina K.

Staff Writer

Hellow! I’m Christina and I decided to join Imua because enjoy designing and writing small articles. I’ve been at Iolani since 6th grade, so this is my 5th year here, and I was in Imua in 8th grade year, but wasn’t able...

Lauren M.

Staff Writer

I decided to join Imua, because a friend of mine was always talking about how fun it was, and I wanted to try it out too. I have been at ‘Iolani since Kindergarten, but this is my first year in Imua. Outside of Imua, I like t...

Owen L.

Staff Writer

I have been at ʻIolani since 7th grade and have recently joined Imua this year. Aside from Imua, I also play golf and piano and have been doing so for a number of years. I didn’t originally have any real reason to join Imua,...

Gabe M.

Staff Writer

Kip G.

Staff Writer

Hi! I’m Kip, this is my first year at ‘Iolani as a freshman. I joined Imua because I have had a penchant for writing most of my life. Outside of school, I love watching cartoons like Ducktales (2017) and playing video games for ho...

Mehana G.

Staff Writer

I decided to join Imua because writing plus photography in the same class sounded like the perfect mix. Plus, the news is pretty cool. I’ve been at ʻIolani since 7th grade but this year is my first year with Imua. Outside of...

Kailey L.

Staff Writer

This my third year at ‘Iolani and my first year at Imua. Although an unfortunate schedule conflict prompted me to choose a new elective, I specifically joined Imua to learn more about journalism and photography. I hope to im...

Lauren I.

Staff Writer

I decided to join Imua to terrorize the staff and for the sparkling water...oh and to write, obviously. This is my thirteenth year at Iolani and my first year with Imua. In addition to Imua, I participate in the editorial teams...

Jude H.

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Jude, and I am a staff writer at Imua. I am new to 'Iolani and Imua and have been writing for the publication for less than a year. In my spare time, I enjoy illustration, non-fiction reading, and going for the occa...

Ian S.

Staff Writer

I first became a staff member in 8th grade, but then betrayed the Imua join Yearbook in my freshman year. Realizing my mistake, I returned to Imua in 10th grade and have been a part of the staff since. Outside of school, I enjoy...

Joseph P.

Staff Writer

I’m a 12th-grade Imua Staff Writer. I transferred to 'Iolani in 7th grade from Kaimuki Middle School and have been in Imua since 8th grade. Outside of Imua, my hobbies include cooking, cooking, eating, reading, playing Dungeo...

Makai M.

Staff Writer

I joined Imua to try out a class that I thought would be a chill and fun vibe. It has not disappointed! I came to ‘Iolani and joined Imua in eighth grade. Outside of the classroom, you can catch me watching a Lakers game. I ho...

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