What to Expect from Rick and Morty Season 4


After a quiet and long hiatus, the widely loved show Rick and Morty is coming back for its fourth season on November 10th.
The show revolves around a sociopathic scientist, Rick, and his grandson Morty venturing on intergalactic and dimensional adventures. The episodes range from silly and absolutely absurd snippets with Morty almost dying, to heavy topics and hints to truths that make viewers and fans doubt everything they’ve watched so far into the series.
Rick and Morty’s latest season ended in October 2017 with Rick and Morty unintentionally infuriating the President (or perhaps intentionally since it won’t be surprising to see Rick purposely mess with the President) and exposing Rick’s daughter, Beth as a possible clone. In the last scene, Rick enters a familiar dining room to see his chaotic and once-split up family eating Panda Express together. Characters make awkward comments like “I love Panda ‘E’!” and “We’re a real family now,” with Morty’s previously separated mom and dad back together as if nothing changed from season 1. The dialogue and laughter was especially choppy, and the camera panned slowly zoomed into clearly unamused Rick, leaving us no choice but to uncomfortably laugh with the family.
For the past two years, Rick and Morty die-hards have survived off of far-reaching theories and rare reruns, fueling their anticipation for the next, new season, and they finally they received rain on their fandom drought with the recent release of the season 4 trailer. The trailer began with the dynamic duo flying in their spaceship through different worlds and dimensions, a character’s brains blown out by a laser gun misfire, Morty transforming into a rabid monster, and Rick being his usual, hilariously drunk self. Nothing seems too different from the previous seasons, but the creators have revealed slight differences and things to anticipate.
Along with the show’s usual usage of countless easter eggs, fans can expect more moments with solo Rick. Mr. Meeseeks and Mr. Poopybutthole will come back, as well as the Interdimensional cable from season 1 and season 2. Similar to before, time travel will take a big part of season 4, and hopefully Beth, possibly being the “replacement Beth,” will resurface. Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon at the San Diego Comic Con that took place this past July explained that season 4 will have an arc with an episodic chronological story, similar to season 3 with Beth and Jerry’s relationship.
Before the trailer was released, it was confirmed that only the first half of the new season will be broadcasted, the fifth out of ten episodes being the last one to air, for now, on December 8th of this year. But don’t worry, because there’s going to be a whopping 70 episodes that will turn into about 7 seasons in the future, along with the rest of the season probably being aired in the beginning of 2020. The usual voice actors and actresses will return to voice the Smith/ Sanchez family with some guest stars like Taika Waititi, Sam Neil, and Kathleen Turner.
Rick and Morty attracts so much attention and love from its fans from the ridiculous plot lines, dark humor, at times emotional scenes, and, of course, Rick’s usual antics with his sarcastic and witty references. There’s no doubt that the new upcoming season will live up to everyone’s high expectations.