Mr. Garrett Nakamatsu ’01

Photo by Finley F.

The 2022-2023 school year will be Mr. Garret Nakamatsu’s ’01 first year teaching mathematics at ʻIolani School. Mr. Nakamatsu, a former student of ‘Iolani, started his career as an athletic trainer at Saint Louis School. He later became a chemistry and physics teacher, and he now works as a full-time math teacher and part-time athletics trainer here. He enjoys math because of the “reasoning behind it, the logic and how you can follow a set of patterns or rules, and ultimately, come up with an answer.” 

Mr. Nakamatsu has a lot of fun and exciting hobbies. He enjoys playing with his daughters and eating food, and he likes sampling different types of cuisine. He says,  “Some people eat to live. I, on the other hand, live to eat.” Mr. Nakamatsu, a cheerful, kind, and welcoming teacher is excited for this new school year and is looking forward to what’s to come.