Step-by-step process: How to make a Turkey

Origami Turkey!


  1. Begin by folding your origami paper in half, hotdog style
  2. Open it back up and fold each side to the middle crease you made in the first step
  3. Fold the top two corners of your paper down so you have a triangular point at the top
  4. Then fold it once more in a triangular shape; half of your rectangle should be a point now
  5. Fold in half again so you get a square shape; There should be two small triangles on the bottom corners of your square
  6. Now fold that square flap over back and forth, in opposite directions each time to create a zig-zag pattern; do not open your folds up though
  7. Then flipping to the side where the triangle part if facing up, fold a small triangle from the tip of your bigger triangle; This will be our turkey’s head
  8. Then fold that big triangle in half; This is our turkey’s neck; Make sure the flat part of our turkey’s head is aligned with the bottom of your zig-zag folds
  9. Flip your turkey over and fold you turkey’s head over, making another fold to add to our zig-zag; Make sure your the bottom of your turkey is aline
  10. Now fold your turkey in half; It should start to look like a turkey now
  11. Gently pull the zig-zag parg (tail) of your turkey up to a 45º angle (around) and while pinching the body of your turkey and pinching the two separate parts of the tail together (middle) open up the tail; It should create a semicircle shape
  12. Now you’ve made an origami turkey 🙂


Side note: You can make the same turkey with dollar bills by skipping the first two steps 😀


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