Staying Active During a Time of Distancing

Bubba S., Staff Writer

It is easy for students to lose focus and be exhausted during times of the COVID-19 outbreak. Constantly staring at a screen for school, it is important to know that there are still exercises and methods to stay healthy and in shape. Whether you have access to a home gym or have no equipment at all, here are ten simple exercises to stay healthy.

1. Stair Stepping- Running up and down stairs keeping your feet moving is a good start to the day and can work up a small sweat.

2. Jump Rope- This exercise can seem pointless, but it’s a good way to get your blood flowing. Jumping rope can be done by yourself or with multiple people, so you can get your family involved.

3. Dance- Dancing to some of your favorite toons is a good way to let loose from stress building up from school.

4. Bicycle Ride- A nice bicycle ride through the neighborhood is a good way to see what’s happening around your house and see the neighbors you hardly get to see anymore.

5. Walk the Dog- While quarantine has brought us many bad things such as cancellation of sports and fair, it is important to keep a positive outlook. Focus on spending time and playing with your pets, and a nice walk around the neighborhood with your dog is a good way to get some fresh air.

6. Squats- It is important to maintain both upper and lower body strength. A few sets of squats everyday will ensure an improvement in overall strength.

7. Push-ups- Those of you who are primarily focused on improving on building your upper body would benefit from push-ups.

8. Sit-ups- Core work is very important as well while trying to have good posture, sit-ups are a good way to build your core. Keeping a strong core is key, as the core stabilizes your entire body.

9. Jumping Jacks- Jumping Jacks are one of many exercises that works your leg muscles. But besides building leg muscles, jumping jacks is an exercise anyone can do and is a fun way to keep the heart pumping.

10. Yoga- While this exercise may seem silly, it is quite beneficial. Professional athletes such as Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers, Quarterback), LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers, Forward), and Evan Longoria (San Francisco Giants, Third Baseman) are just three out of many pro athletes that do yoga. Yoga is a good way to find inner peace and has many good stretches to work your body.