The Importance of Staying Social During Social Distancing

Liam M., Online Editor-In-Chief

With Hawaii citizens asked to keep a distance between each other and ‘Iolani students now taking all academic classes online, it can seem hard to keep up with the essential need of socializing. For many students, school and its extracurriculars provided the best opportunity to stay in touch with friends and faculty, and the lack of social interaction has created a lonely feeling around the student body. Humans are social creatures, and it is important in this time of social distancing to stay social in other ways.

Many have turned to multiplayer videogames such as Minecraft to connect with friends virtually. In an ironic sense, staying in front of the computer or gaming console has become the most social activity available.

Others choose to talk with friends over the phone or in groups on the Zoom app. Calling groups of friends during lunch has become a popular pass-time among students, serving as a makeshift lunchtime gathering.

Some students pass up on the technology altogether, instead choosing to reconnect with family members in their free time in the form of board games and conversation.

Whatever you choose to do, please remember to stay in touch with someone while staying healthy. Everyone is going through the same difficult changes, and it’s always better to talk things out than feel alone.