Valentine’s Day: The Keys To Success


Catie Kaneshiro

Valentine’s Day is here. *insert panicked screaming*

This past week, we’ve taken the initiative to gather all the information needed to give you the best shot possible to win over your crush’s heart this Valentine’s Day. In particular, everything you need to know to get the best gift possible.
The first step is the chocolates. Many think that the best type are the gourmet chocolates, better to show that you want only the best for them, right? Wrong. From a poll sent out to all of ‘Iolani students, the best loved chocolates were in fact not chocolate with raspberry filling or even sea salt caramel, but milk and dark chocolate. The third most liked chocolate was…. mixed milk and dark chocolate. Whether it is because we’ve been deprived from the high class delicacies of Caramel Macchiato and Passion panna cotta, or we just like boring things, simple seems to be the way to go. If you’re looking for a specific brand, the majority of the poll takers choose Ghirardelli as their favorite chocolate. Godiva and Hersheys were the second and third most favorite.
While most people would think that a bouquet of flowers is the next obvious gift to give, interestingly ‘Iolani students said that they would rather receive a nice hand-written note instead. Even cute stuffed animals wouldn’t be enough to woo this year’s Valentines. Now, in order to get these things you could go to Ala Moana, Kahala Mall, or any shopping center close by you. Stores have already started selling Valentines chocolates and flowers since January, so finding the perfect gift will be no problem. But, how to get the best gift possible for the cheapest price.
Considering price and convenience, Safeway, Longs Drugs, or Walgreens is the answer to your troubles. There you can get a simple card from the card section and a box of chocolates from the shelf. If you’re feeling extra romantic, you could easily buy a bouquet of roses as well. Except for flowers, I would recommend buying at Costco instead, it just has a greater assortment of longer lasting flowers. If you want to spend a little more on some better chocolates, Iolani students have recommended going to See’s Candy. There you can personally pick out a box of assorted treats from truffles to toffee to chews. However, if you’re not too serious about your Valentine’s, try not to pick out the pre-picked Valentine’s boxes—those tend to be pretty expensive.
Valentine sweethearts rarely turn into girlfriends/boyfriends, so there’s nothing to worry about this Friday. For those already in relationships, you’ll have to make some extra effort, but for everyone else, no worries! Since 90% of us are single, we might as well be buying some appreciatory chocolates for ourselves. For that I would recommend…