What One Team Means to “Uncle Kevin”


Daniel C.

Mr. Kevin Tomisato ’04 drives in his cart, tending to various matters around campus.

Daniel C., Online Editor-in-Chief

     Whether he is planning fair activities or tending to Residential Life students, Mr. Kevin Tomisato ’04 is a crucial member of the ‘Iolani community. Mr. Tomisato fills numerous positions in the school. Since 2013, he has worked full-time in the Advancement Office and now serves as a house parent for the Residential Life program.

     As an Events Coordinator, Mr. Tomisato works alongside Ms. Kathy Ohta, Mrs. Raynee Mochizuki and Mrs. Kim Gennaula to plan important fundraising events such as the ‘Iolani Fair and ‘Io Society luncheon. This year, he will be the sole person in charge of overseeing the preparation for the 2020 ‘Iolani Fair, “Lights, Camera, Action!”, a responsibility he takes seriously.

     “ʻIolani Fair showcases our One Team philosophy because not only do we have the parents, faculty members and current students working, but also the alumni who graduated decades ago and people who are not associated with ‘Iolani volunteer to make the fair a combined success,” said Mr. Tomisato.

     Mr. Tomisato anticipates success for this year’s fair, with major changes such as the inclusion of more local vendors in the marketplace, as well as the expansion of the craft vendors’ section of the marketplace overall. The Fair Office strives to advertise the new additions both to current customers and those who have never visited the fair. The food section will include more diversity of food items and popular food choices like specialty hot dogs with different toppings.

     As a house parent on the second floor of the Reverend Coon House, Mr. Tomisato enjoys a second role in the community: taking care of the Residential Life students. On the weekends, he provides boarding students with opportunities to participate in various activities, such as bowling, playing golf, going out for a Korean BBQ dinner, attending Raiders’ football games, etc.

     Though he strives to make the dorm students happy, he also believes in the importance of laying down the law until students get the hang of the busy schedule. 

     “I know that the study hours and lights out are very tough for some students who have never been exposed to the dormitory culture before, so I try to be understanding and give them a chance to get used to the rules,” said Mr. Tomisato.

     Mr. Tomisato’s passion for serving as a house parent definitely pays off; his humorous yet compassionate nature makes him especially approachable to Residential Life students who know him as “Uncle Kevin”. Boys living on the second floor of the Reverend Coon House find it easy to share their concerns and issues with him.

     “Whenever we wanted to have a night out at a Korean BBQ restaurant, [Uncle Kevin] would gladly drive us there, and whenever we had to go buy something for our classes, he would be the first to get a van and wait for us,” said John Kim ’22, a resident of Reverend Coon House.

     “I’m so happy that all the boarding students have chosen to become part of the ‘Iolani’s One Team family,” said Mr. Tomisato. “My hopes and goals are that when everyone graduates, they have many fond memories of their time here.”