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Imua ʻIolani

Always a Voice for Students

Imua ʻIolani

Always a Voice for Students

Imua ʻIolani

ʻIolani Writes 2024 Winners


Click on the red hyperlinks to read the winning pieces in each category, courtesy of the respective student authors and poets. Congratulations to all participants!

Literary Analysis


1st: Aidan Cheng (8) “Gilgamesh: A Hero’s Odyssey of Redemption and Transformation”

2nd: Jasmine Weldon (8) “Step by Step the Disease is Slowly Being Cured”

3rd: Lin Peng (8) “A Slice of Life”


1st: Emma Chun (10) “Money, Safety and Nothing More”

2nd: Kaliʻa Rivera (10) “How Parents Affect Your Identity; A Literary Analysis on A Little Too Much is Enough”

3rd: James Ohta Pai (10) “A Solitary Existence: A Glimpse Into the Life of Edgar Allan Poe”


1st: Tyler Hijirida (11) “The Godfather: Perception of the American Dream”

2nd: Lindsey Barcia (12) “Time’s a B*tch but Maybe Our Love Is Immortal

3rd: Chase Graham (12) “Book Report on Slaughterhouse Five”

Personal Essay


1st: Sonia Pourjalali (8) “The First Step” 

2nd: Henry Li (7) “The World Can Change With Heart”

3rd: Anya Teruya (8) “My Lifelong Voyage”


1st: Zoe Young (9) “In the Shadow”

2nd: Annaliese Pang (9) “The Day I Wish I Prayed Harder”

3rd: Emmett Lopez (10) “A Bad Break”


1st: Liza Kukharuk (11) “Independence” 

2nd: Nikki Ma (11) “Framing Healing Moments”

3rd: Alila Nguyen (11) “The Devil to be Embraced”

Short Story


1st: Sonia Pourjalali (8) “A Portrait of Memories” 

2nd: Ella Okimoto (7) “The Final Wish”

3rd: Lin Peng (8) “All of a Sudden”


1st: Gabby Kim (9) “Dancing Around Inevitable”

2nd: Halo Delmonico (10) “The Chemistry of a Shooting Star”

3rd: Humi Yoshizawa (9) “Invisible Hearts”


1st: Lindsey Barcia (12) “Graffitied Heart”

2nd: Susan Flatt (12) “The Bewildering Body in the Badwater Basin”

3rd: Mari Cheng (11) “Golden Hour”



1st: Elliot Lomuscio (7) “Songbird”

2nd: Jaron Riegel (8) “What it Seems”

3rd: Aiden Cheng (8) “Reflection”


1st: Leia Choi (10) “salvation, damnation”

2nd: Angie Thai (9) “A Symphony of Valley Life”

3rd: Dylan Hendricks (9) “Mystic Treasure”


1st: Susan Flatt (12) “An Ode to America, 2023 (Blood on Our Hands)”

2nd: Kazumi Hayashi (12) “Beneath the Ginkgo Tree”

3rd: Mari Cheng (11) “Queen of Hearts”

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