Top 5 Must Know Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Trends


You would be forgiven if you said that you forgot about fashion. The fashion industry was hit hard by this soulless pandemic, yet fashion keeps pursuing their up-to-date trends. New trends were shown all over the globe during fashion weeks and social media. As this prolonged isolation is reaching to conclude, we can all get ready to go out and enjoy life again. But, what are you going to wear? We have all been used to the lazy lifestyles inside our homes, lounging and working in whatever we can find in the clean laundries, how will you manage to match an outfit? It’s okay because these top five must know fashion trends will get you contact-ready in no time. 


1. Monochromatic

The word monochromatic breaks down into two parts: ‘mono’ defined as single and ‘chromatic’ meaning color. Monochromatic fashion has become about either wearing different shades of a singular color throughout the outfit or synonymously wearing black and white, making a simple yet straightforward statement. Monochrome has long been portrayed as a powerful tool in fashion for both men and women to exude grace and chic. Black and white are the exact kind of elegant, no-fuss wear everyone has been longing for in an effortless way. It is the best way to ease into fashion after not having to actually dress for over a year.


2. Delicate & Gauzy Fabric

Chiffon, organza, and tulle are back in the trend from 2020. Chiffon is a very fine weave of silk or artificial fibers, becoming lightweight and sheer. Organza is also made from silk, but has a stiffer texture than chiffon, creating more volume in the outfit. Tulle is also made from similar fibers but resembles a much finer net. It is stiffer than chiffon and looser than netting. Because of the lightness of the netting, the volume the fabrics give off is not overbearing, instead creating a romantic and feminine shape of clothing. These fabrics provide a free-flowing silhouette that marks the season, becoming the best way to play with silhouettes and textures. 


3. Puff-Sleeve

As Netflix aired their hit series Bridgerton and the cottagecore trend has gained popularity on TikTok, puff-sleeves have emerged all over the fashion industry. They are a dramatic final touch to make a romantic statement. Puff sleeves have become the staple of contemporary womenswear. Defined by rounded detailing throughout the arm, these larger-than-life sleeves bring a voluminous touch to any top or dress. The overall frame above the torso appears smaller and much narrower, providing a slim silhouette (you can easily hide the extra weight you gained on binge watching Netflix and eating popcorn).


4. Wide-Leg Pants

Sweatpants and joggers have dominated 2020, but it is time to revamp and dress up more. Designers have gone above and beyond to find the perfect solution that would prioritize not only comfort but also style: wide-leg pants. From high-waisted ‘80s-style office to cropped linen culottes, wide-leg pants give a much more forgiving silhouette; less restrictive movement compared to skinny jeans and other skin-tight pants. The wide fit slungs low on the torso providing a more relaxed frame despite oftentimes being high-waisted and tailored. The vertical line creates the illusion of being taller and slimmer as the torso appears smaller and the legs look longer. 


5. Jackets w/ Shoulder Padding

Perfect for social distancing, heavily padded sleeves are effective in preventing people from getting too close to your face, due to the authoritative power the jackets portray. Similar to the above two trends, jackets with shoulder pads create a longer silhouette. Shoulder pads have long been a garment for professionals, as they provide desired shaping at the shoulder, slenderize the silhouettes, and give the waist a more narrow framework. Paired with a basic tank top and some jeans, these jackets will scream chic and confident aesthetic in a very effortless way. With shoulder pad jackets you can glam up any outfit, having the audience more focused on the automatic assertiveness and charisma.