Resume of Sports at ‘Iolani

It is no surprise that the majority of student activities such as dances, sports and the ‘Iolani Fair have been cancelled over the past year due to the coronavirus. However, as the pandemic situation gradually improves, these events are slowly returning. Many athletes have been more than happy to resume the sports they enjoy with the teammates and coaches they love. 

Since the cancellation of ILH sports last year, Will Wyles ’23 says that the time off from baseball gave him motivation to improve for the upcoming season. 

“Missing a year for sports didn’t affect me in a negative way, it actually gave me more time to train and get better as a player, as well as get in contact with more college coaches. Originally, I feared that the games would be shortened or modified to fit COVID [even though they actually are], but I am super thankful that sports have returned because it gives me a chance to get prepared for the summer.”

“As a senior, resuming sports has been a really enjoyable experience. It’s been difficult knowing that I’ll never be able to experience some senior activities, but being able to participate in sports has brought back some normalcy. I was originally nervous because I thought it would take time away from applying to colleges. Fortunately, because the schedule is less intensive than previous years, I have been able to balance work and sports really well,” says four-year paddler Adam Zuckernick ’21.

Mia Kim ’22 had a different perspective on the resumption of sports. “Going into the volleyball season, one of my biggest fears was being exposed to COVID-19. I previously had been in close contact with another volleyball player from my club, so that occurring again was on my mind. However, the school requires everyone to do rapid testing as well as wearing face masks in the gym which ensures minimal exposure, so I feel safe. So far, returning to sports has been great. I loved being able to return to the gym and play with my teammates competitively but safely.”

While everyone seems excited to be resuming sports, COVID-19 is not over yet, and we all must keep up with the safety precautions in order to keep sports as well as other activities running smoothly.