Speculating the Upcoming School Year

Makai M., Social Media Editor-in-Chief

As Hawai’I continues to flatten the curve in the battle against COVID-19, many are wondering about what is to come for the ensuing time. On April 28th, there were only two new cases of the virus and both were not even from O‘ahu. This has become more and more interesting, especially because there is much time in quarantine to think about the future. This school year is already going to end online, and there won’t be summer school on campus. This raises the question of will we start the next school year on time? Here is what I believe will happen.

First off, there is still a chance that we do start the next school year online, but it is too early to tell. If we do not start the beginning of the next school year fully online, it is a possibility that a hybrid between online and campus. Here is an idea: Monday, Wednesday, Friday will be online while Tuesday and Thursday will be on campus. Another idea that would involve a hybrid is different grades being on campus on certain days. This would mean seventh and eighth graders go to campus one day, and the next day ninth and tenth graders go on campus, then so on and so forth. Besides from this, you can count on seeing hand sanitizing stations everywhere you look.

These are just some of the precautions I think the school will take in the beginning of next school year. We can all hope it will not come to this, and as long as we continue to flatten the curve, we can prevent this and worse. With that being said, try to enjoy your time in quarantine as much as you can. We will get through this!