Feeling the Effects off Cabin Fever

Devin K. P.

When I found out about the quarantine and the stay at home rules, I saw others with dread on their faces. However, I thought the boredom would not affect me. First, I had a sibling to talk to, and all the unlimited hours to watch T.V. and catch up on my Netflix shows. The first three weeks were how I imagined it, but now the boredom is setting in. Looking at the same walls for twice the amount I did before the quarantine is starting to drive me crazy.

Today, I went outside and kicked the soccer ball around with my sister. We did a little bit of footwork and juggling. After playing soccer, I looked around and really saw the emptiness. Thoughts and pictures flooded into my head of memories. I realized that most of those memories were at places that are closed. Now, more than ever, I can not wait to be out of quarantine so I can catch up with my friends face to face, go to places like the movies with others, sit down in a restaurant to enjoy a meal and just go to soccer practice which were all things I took for granted.

The curve is flattening, the numbers are going down, and hopefully less people are at risk of catching COVID 19. I hope my cabin fever will end by June 1 as the warm weather provides hints of summer!