Preparing for Season Three of All American

Bubba Shea-Park, Staff Writer

Spencer James is one of the hottest names on Netflix today. On October 10, 2018, All American premiered as a football centered sports drama, but the series was known by few. However, when the series was released on Netflix in March of 2019 after the season one finale, it got the “Netflix boost.” Over a full year later the show now lies in the ‘Netflix Top 10,’ at number 6 on the list. While many people may not know much about football or California high school sports, this series shows that not all athletes have it easy off the field. 

As we turn back time to get a glimpse of season one, we remember how Spencer was faced with adversity while living in his hometown of South Crenshaw, CA, deciding to ultimately play ball for Beverly High, a more dominant football program in the state. Although he had to leave his family, best friend, and teammates, Spencer is forced to make the adjustment from Crenshaw to Beverly Hills in the stereotypical SoCalhigh school drama fashion. At first, he does not fit in and is thought of as an outcast, but soon after he proves his worth on the field, winning the hearts of his new teammates and new family on the field.

Fast forwarding to season two, viewers see that the action and drama picks up with the return of Spencer’s father, who left him and his family at a young age. Furthermore, Spencer’s new home may reside in Beverly Hills, but he continues to go back to Crenshaw to keep an eye on his best friend Coop, who continues to find himself affiliated with local gangs. It seems that no matter where Spencer James is, there will always be a place in his heart dedicated to Crenshaw and its people.            

Season three of All American is set to premiere October 5, this fall on The CW Network. With both seasons of the show on Netflix with only sixteen episodes each, potential viewers can enter the drama easily before next season’s premiere.