Anti-Vaxers in COVID-19


In the current COVID-19 environment, many people are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a vaccine. However, there are still a few who believe that COVID-19 is a hoax and who reject the idea of receiving a vaccination. Among the many in denial, anti-vaxxers make up a large majority.

The anti-vax movement began in the 20th century and picked up momentum in 1997 after a British surgeon published a study in which he related vaccinations to autism and measles among other afflictions. However, the study was unfounded as he had numerous procedural errors. The movement spread even faster with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which are home to millions of anti-vaxxers. Unfortunately, media companies are doing little to take anti-vax groups down. The anti-vax movement uses outdated arguments, allowing them to sway more people towards their cause. Instead of looking at facts to form opinions, many anti-vaxxers cherry-pick certain studies to rationalize their opinions. 

Later, in 2000, many health experts believed that measles had been eradicated from the United States for good. However, in 2019 a measles outbreak occurred in Washington as well as many other states, creating a panic. This outbreak saw measles cases jump from nearly zero to 695 across the United States. Researchers hypothesized that this outbreak stemmed from unvaccinated children who were the result of anti-vax or skeptical parents. Surges of measles, mumps and pertussis are still occurring in the present day. It is shameful to see a preventable disease spread because of individuals who disregard facts and science.

And yet, there is some rationality in questioning the COVID-19 vaccine. Many skeptics are mainly concerned with the effectiveness of the vaccine among other things. They question how quickly the vaccine was developed and are worried that it has not been tested enough. 

Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, many are worried about anti-vaxxers and their denial of facts and science. Hopefully, these communities will eventually wake up and realize that they are endangering people with their spreading of misinformation. The future of the planet may hinge on the acceptance and proliferation of vaccinations.